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Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

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If you own a business, you know about the unpredictable nature of operations and customers. Running a successful business takes a lot of work, patience, and resources. Companies face risks every day. Employees make mistakes, and some events can even stop the day to day operations of a business altogether. These risks come with losses. Being prepared when risks occur is essential for any business. At Selective Insurance Agency, we help Minnesota, Wisconsin and Nebraska business owners protect their businesses. Below are some of the standard commercial insurance policies you can find when looking for coverage.

  • Professional liability insurance: It’s also known as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance. This type of commercial insurance protects the business against mistakes your employee might make. Each professional liability insurance policy depends on the risks the business faces.
  • Workers compensation insurance: An employee might become injured due to an incident at the workplace. In such a case, the business is held liable. This coverage covers medical expenses, death benefits, and disability.
  • Business interruption insurance: An unfortunate event can make it impossible for your business to continue to run. During such a period, the business may not continue to earn revenue. This type of insurance compensates the business in such a situation.
  • Vehicle insurance: Every business that owns vehicles should have all the vehicles insured. This protects the business vehicle if an accident occurs.
  • Property insurance: Every business should have property insurance regardless of whether it owns or leases its space. Property insurance covers furniture, inventory, and equipment.
  • Product liability insurance: Businesses that produce products need liability insurance. Regardless of how reliable a business is making its products, mistakes happen. Product liability insurance protects a business if it's sued due to damages caused by its products.

Insurance has helped many businesses avoid significant losses. Each business faces unique risks, and this means the needs of businesses are unique. If you own a business, call or visit Selective Insurance Agency in Minnesota. Our agents will guide you through the insurance process and help make sure you have the insurance your company needs.

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